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The Sacred Pathway. 18"x24". Graphite pencil on artist paper. 


I recently had a dream where I found myself in the middle of a forest. It was pitch dark and all I could hear were crickets chirping off in the distance. Confused and admittedly scared, I asked aloud, “why am I here?” 


A row of garden lamps immediately illuminated a long and winding pathway that cascaded out of sight. “To pursue your life purpose” replied a voice. Turning my gaze, I locked eyes with an owl, who sat perched upon one of the lamps. Without hesitation, the owl launched itself up and vanished into the night sky. 


Intrigued, I began sprinting down the mysterious path with the hopes of finding more answers. As I continued running into the unknown, sounds of pitter-patter began to amplify. With a quick glance over my shoulder, I was greeted by a group of forest animals eagerly following along. 


My new friends and I fell dead in our tracks once the path materialized into a massive staircase, with a door located at the top. Several animals began to ascend the stairs, some holding hands with one another. The familiar owl sat on a nearby lantern, watching attentively. The words “time to step” echoed through my ears and I woke up. 


This dream reminded me that the Universe is always here to act as guidance, regardless if the path is illuminated or not. Step into your power and the doors of possibility will appear.


*Original available* Thank you for your support.

The Sacred Pathway

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