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Water Your Soul. 18"x24". Graphite pencil on artist paper. 


The vision for this drawing appeared in my mind after reading a Tony Robbins quote, which said “if you’re not growing, you’re dying.” Simple, yet powerful. 


After sketching out the vision, I decided to write down some goals that would further enhance my own growth. Here’s what I wrote:


  • Trust the Universe.
  • Utilize fitness/yoga to stay grounded, get flexible and release built-up tension in the body. 
  • Practice mindful breathing and meditation. 
  • Consume nutrient-dense foods that heal, energize and rejuvenate.
  • Become a badass artist. 
  • Take massive action, be patient and stay positive. 
  • Listen to podcasts and audios that inspire and educate. 
  • Focus on abundance, not scarcity. 
  • Be grateful for this life. 
  • Believe in yourself and your intuition. 




*Original available* Thank you for your support

Water Your Soul

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