This listing is for a signed print of The Flamingo. The 8.5"x11" and 13"x19" prints are made on Canon Pro Luster paper, while the 11"x14" prints are made on Premium Glossy paper. All prints contain a slight white border. 


The original was created using graphite and watercolor on Strathmore paper and is 8"x10" in size. *Available*


While searching Spotify’s vast podcast assortment for some fresh entertainment, I stumbled upon one called Every Little Thing. Each week someone calls into the show with a question and the host dives in head first to answer it, along with the help of professionals, knowledgeable to that specific topic. 


The first episode I listened to was about flamingos and how surprisingly tough they are, which sparked the idea to do a series on Spirit Animals in the first place! 


Flamingos are able to live in extremely high altitude wetlands where it freezes at night. Their legs freeze into the water, until the sun comes out the following morning and the ice melts. The only reason why they don’t die from frostbite is because their legs are covered in thick scales. 


Flamingos are also able to survive highly salty lagoons, toxic ponds and can drink boiling water! The majority of lakes where the birds live have extremely high salt concentrations. The only source of fresh water for some of these birds comes from boiling geysers. 


They’re crazy durable creatures, regardless of how dainty they appear. If you dream about a flamingo, it may represent life-balance, romance and/or fulfillment of your dreams.

The Flamingo

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