This listing is for a signed print of The Hummingbird. The 8.5"x11" and 13"x19" prints are made on Canon Pro Luster paper, while the 11"x14" prints are made on Premium Glossy paper. All prints contain a slight white border. 


The original was created using graphite and watercolor on Strathmore paper and is 8"x10" in size. *Available*


Hummingbirds are messengers of hope and jubilation, who appear out of nowhere to bring joy, magic and happiness in your life. The qualities include being courageous, determined, tenacious, flexible, and adaptable. In Central America, they are a sign of miracles and will bring love to the person who spots them. 


When you have a Hummingbird dream, it suggests that seemingly small ideas and concepts often possess a lot of potential and power. In other words, a little idea can manifest into a huge, life-altering success. Seeing this bird in the dream world signifies that you create your reality.


In this case, Hummingbird symbolism is reminding you to pursue your dreams more aggressively and increase the chances of making them a reality. Joy is just around the corner. 

The Hummingbird

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