This listing is for a signed print of The Jellyfish. The 8.5"x11" and 13"x19" prints are made on Canon Pro Luster paper, while the 11"x14" prints are made on Premium Glossy paper. All prints contain a slight white border. 


The original was created using graphite and watercolor on Strathmore paper and is 8"x10" in size. *Available*


Jellyfish are a symbol of transparency, balance, sensitivity and love.  The jellyfish is a very simple organism and is only able to move by having a feel for the ocean currents to reach their destination. They are unafraid to allow the Universe to show them the way.


Like the jellyfish, we must be ever ready to accept life as it is, yet find a way to flourish with the innate abilities that the universe has granted us. We must also learn to ride the waves of our emotions expertly in order to succeed. In essence, the jellyfish is telling us to cast aside all things that weigh us down so we can move up in life.


Dreaming of a jellyfish signifies the importance of being flexible while handing all of life’s obstacles.

The Jellyfish

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