About me...

Hey there, my name is Jeremy and I'm an American artist currently living in South Florida. In 2013, I graduated from The University of North Florida with a Fine Arts degree. After graduating, I began fusing graphite and watercolors to create portrait work. My practice has since evolved into a wide variety of mixed media abstract paintings.  

Creating artwork from the heart and incorporating new ideas and techniques has become a deeply therapeutic and spiritual practice. Whether it's an extremely concise portrait for a client, or a more free-flowing fluid painting, every piece uniquely reflects beauty through humanity, nature, love and self-expression. 

As with everything in life, my practice and abilities are continually evolving. Each piece offers a unique representation of where I was in life during the time of its creation. My life's purpose is to produce artwork that people can resonate with on a visceral level, while assisting others in designing the perfect piece for their home or office.